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Mr Punch and Judy drawing


The character of the English “Punch” stretches back well over three hundred years and the character's origins and storyline go back to medieval times. The hand-puppet show itself originated around 1770. It is noted as being present in Australia in the 1820's and was certainly part of Australia's early colonial culture.

Preston's Historic Punch & Judy Show is an "old-time" Punch and Judy puppet show presenting this famous puppet show as it may have been seen earlier in the time of our grandparents (and beyond). It also incorporates elements of the Victorian & Edwardian style shows as well as a few modern touches. The show presents all of the puppet characters associated with the 'traditional show'

Keith Preston has over thirty years experience in the Arts and presents an excellent show for all ages. He also can present a brief talk/discussion on the history of Punch & Judy as well as relating it to the changing history of puppets and society. He has presented this traditional puppet show since since 1994 at international and Australian Festivals, at schools and at a wide range of community events.

Preston's Historic Punch and Judy is a valuable educational show and is an excellent vehicle for lessons or class projects studying the following topics:
    Commedia del Arte & history of theatre
    Puppetry (Around the world) history
    Comedy & Improvisation
    Working in the Arts

    English & Colonial Culture
    Traditions and Culture of our ancestors

    How Society has changed during the last two hundred years

    Family, Law & human behaviour
    Archetypes & Personality

*Can be presented in any space.     *Comes complete.    *Suitable for students 5yrs upwards.     *Reasonable costs

1840 cartoon of Punch and Judy
Set Up time: 30 mins.
Pack Up time: 15 mins
Actual Performance Time: 30-40 mins
Discussion Time 15 - 40mins

Bookings and Further Information

Based in Adelaide S.Australia and Sydney New South Wales

Telephone:   0418 839 264

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